1. Licenses, Permits and Forms

Rabun County does not require nor do we issue Business Licenses. However, if your business is located in one of the cities, you will need to contact that city because all cities do issue and require business licenses.

Rabun County does however, require and issue Liquor By the Drink and Beer & Wine Licenses for retail sale and consumption. An application can be found below.

In addition, Rabun County also require and issues Hotel/Motel or Public Accommodations Licenses. An application for this can be found below. All license holders are required to file a quarterly tax return and pay a 5% tax on gross sales.

Ordinances relating to both of these licenses can be found here.

Public Accomodations License Application
Public Accomodations Tax Return

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Public Accommodations Tax & Short Term Rentals

Application for Beer & Wine License

Liquor Excise Tax Return Forms

Solid Waste Credit Application for LandfillUse
Application for 911 Address
Application for Public Road Cuts

Building Permit Application

Homeowner's Affidavit

New Construction Checklist

Pl-66 Standard Homestead Exemption Form
Pl-67 Application for over age 65 $4,000 County and $10,000 School Tax Exemption Form
PL-74 Application for over age 62 $10,000 School Tax Exemption
PT-283A Valuation of Agricultural property at current use value rather than fair market value.

Employment Application
All Applications are kept on file for a period of 6 months.

Poll Worker Application for Elections
Poll Worker Brochure

Voter Registeration

Open Records Request

Agenda Inclusion Request
Requests to be placed on the Agenda for the Monthly meeting need to be turned into the Board of Commissioner's office by no later than on Monday, the week prior to the monthly board meeting.  Agendas are posted to this website, the third Tuesday of each month.  Meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of each month.