Rabun County Building and Grounds

Building and Grounds

Rabun County Courthouse, The Building and Grounds Department, is responsible for maintaining all county buildings, grounds and facilities. This department also performs and oversees all new construction for county facilities. These facilities include the Courthouse, Rabun Event Venues- Civic Center/Rock House/Old School Park Pavillions, Senior Center, Detention Center, New Health Department, New Welcome Center and all other County buildings.

This department currently consist of 6 staff members. 1 Superintendent, 2 Maintenance Technicians and 4 Custodial Workers.

Erik Blalock, Superintendent
25 Courthouse Square, Suite 201
Clayton, GA 30525
(706) 490-1555

Department Heads are required to submit a completed work order before work can be performed.

Work Request

Please complete the form below to request maintenance work. Once you hit the send button it will then be emailed to the County Administrator for approval and then forwarded to Building & Grounds.

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